Manage Payment Methods

In the top navigation bar, click your username, then click Manage Payments. The Saved Payment Methods page appears, which displays your saved credit card(s). You can use these cards to pay for your monthly plan and purchase credits. This article describes how to add a new card, change your default card, and delete a card.

If you have questions about updating your payment method, please contact Ash Hall, our Customer Loyalty Specialist, at

Your credit card information is secured using Stripe, which is a PCI Service Provider Level 1. If you want to learn more about the steps Stripe takes to secure your data, click here.

How do I add a new card?

On the Payment Methods page, click the blue Add Card button in the upper right corner. A dialog box appears, where you can enter your credit card information. Fill out the form, then click Add Card.

Your card will appear in the list, and you can use it to pay for your plan and credits.


How do I change my default card?

On the Payment Methods page, above the card that you want to make default, click Set As Default Payment Method. The new default card will move to the top of the list, and it'll be used for monthly plan and credit purchases going forward.


How do I delete a card?

On the Payment Methods page, in the list of cards that you've added to your account, find the one you want to delete, and click the Delete Card link. The card will disappear from the list.

If you want to make changes to your plan, click here.

Note: If you have a paid plan or want to purchase credits, you must have at least one credit card associated with your account. You cannot delete the last associated card without adding a new one first.


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