What are the blue dots on the map?

In Remine, on the Discover map, there are two types of blue dots: single properties, and multi-unit properties. Every property has its own Property Details page, but not every property has its own blue dot.

If you search for an address and select the property from the search results, the Discover map will zoom to the property and display a box that contains some basic information about the property. We call this box a property card.

If you don't see any blue dots on the map, see the Why can't I see any blue dots? article.

If you see stars instead of dots, see the What are the stars on the map? article.

Single family or townhome property

When you click a blue dot for a single family home or townhome, a property card appears for that address. When you click the address in the property card, the Property Details page appears, with more granular information about the property.


Multi-unit property

When you click a blue dot for a multi-unit building, a property card appears for the building. Click View Units in the lower left corner of the property card to see a list of all the units in the building. Click an address in the list of units to see the Property Details page for the unit.


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