How do I upload my sphere of influence?

Click here to learn how to download a CSV of your tracked properties or people.

Upload Contacts

You can upload a CSV with your sphere of influence (SOI) for matching in Remine, and you can track your matched contacts so you'll be alerted of important data changes. Click here to see what factors trigger notifications in Remine.

Note: Uploaded and matched people that you choose to track do not count toward your track limit, however, any matched properties that you choose to track do count toward your track limit.

To create a comma-separated value (CSV) file, add your information to a spreadsheet software (like Microsoft Excel). We recommend you organize your spreadsheet with the following column headers:

First name Last name Street address City State ZIP code Email address Phone number

Now that you have your SOI in your spreadsheet, when you click Save As, select the file type comma delimited, or comma-separated (*.csv). This is the file that you will upload to Remine.

After you have a CSV file, on the Track page, in the top right corner, click the blue Upload Contacts button. The Import and Analyze Your Contacts page appears, which is the first step in the uploading wizard.

  1. Select Method: This page describes the upload process. Click the blue Upload Contacts button to begin.


  2. Upload: This page displays some formatting examples for your CSV that will yield the best results with your uploaded contacts. Select your CSV file and click Upload.


  3. Map Headers: This page displays a drag-and-drop feature. The headers in your CSV appear on the left side. Drag each header from the left to the corresponding location on the right. You don't have to use every header or fill every box, but in order to properly match contacts, you must map:

    • Client names

      plus one of the following:

    • Emails
    • Phone numbers
    • Addresses

    You must map at least three headers. After you're done mapping, click Done.


    The upload begins, and you'll receive a notification when your file is ready for you to continue to the next step. Depending on the size of your uploaded file, this process may take up to a few hours. The file used in this example contains three contacts, and took about one minute to upload.

    Note: The industry average for matching uploaded contacts is about 20%.

    When you see the following notification, your contacts are ready. Click View Results.


  4. Track Items: After you receive a notification and click View Results, this page displays the option to track your matched contacts. If you want to track all the matched contacts, click the Track All and Continue button. Alternatively, you can customize your selection using the check boxes that correspond to people and properties in the list of matched contacts. If you make a custom selection, then click the Track and Continue button in the list of contacts.


  5. Assign Label: This page displays a box where you can type a label for your tracked people and properties. We recommend you always assign a label to your tracked opportunities, so you can easily filter them on the Track page. When you click Add Label, you'll see a confirmation screen, and you can view your uploaded contacts on the Track page.


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