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There are several options that appear across the top of Remine. The list below describes the purpose of each.


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The Discover map is the de facto home page of Remine. On the Discover map, you can use filters to narrow down the properties that you want to target and set up farming areas to find opportunities.
The Track page is the list of properties and people that you've tracked. You can upload your sphere of influence (SOI) to track data that will help you prioritize the who and when to reach out. You can use the Track page to export spreadsheets to use for mailers, call lists, or email campaigns.
The Engage page is the list of notifications that is populated when important data changes among the properties and people that you've tracked. You can think of the Engage page as a personal assistant that tells you which people and properties to follow up with, when to do so, and what kind of messaging to use.
The Chat page displays your chat history. You can use Remine Chat to talk to any agent within your MLS.
Notification bell
The notification bell bell_small.png is the list of application notifications. The primary notification you'll see here is for your CSV downloads.
Your username
Your username is the control center for your Remine settings and any help that you may need.

The following video is a portion of the Remine General Tutorial video that provides a quick overview of the main sections of Remine. If you want to view the entire tutorial, click here.

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