About Credits

In the top navigation bar, click your username, and then click Credits. You'll see a list of all your credit transactions. Use the search bar to find a date, description, or number of credits. You can also sort your credit transactions by clicking on a column header.

What are credits?

Credits are like tokens that you can use to purchase contact information.

What do credits cost?

One credit costs one dollar.

How many credits does contact information cost?

This will change based on your plan and is an added benefit to our subscribers. On the Starter Plan (free), one person's contact information costs 1 credit. If there are more than three people in a household (in a rental, for example), we will only charge you 3 credits for the whole household’s contact information.

With our monthly plans, you’re only charged credits by the household. This means that whether the house contains one person or 20 people, we will supply you with the entire household’s contact information for a flat credit fee:

  • Starter, Plus, or Success Plan: 3 credits for the entire household (three or more people)
  • Pro Plan: Full access to contact information for free

Click here to learn more about our available plans.

How do I add credits to my account?

Click your username in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click Credits. In the upper right corner, click Add Credits. A dialog box appears, which displays your current credit balance, and an option to add as many credits as you like (minimum 10 credits). One credit costs one dollar.

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