How do I view property details?

On the Discover map, click on a blue dot or a star. On the property card that appears, click the hyperlinked address.

If you want to view property details for a condo, click on the blue dot or star for the building. On the multi-unit property card that appears, click View Units. In the list of units that appears, click a hyperlinked address. Click here to learn more about working with condos in Remine.

With either of these methods, the Property Details page appears.

Click here to learn how to print the Property Details page.


View details for unmapped listings

In the case that there's a listing that has an assigned MLSID, but we aren't able to match that listing to an address in our system, you can still view a simple details page with just the listing information.

Click here to learn more about unmapped listings in Remine.

Click the (X Unmapped Listings) link in the upper left corner of the Discover map to view a list of unmapped properties in the area.


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