How do I use filters?

Click here to see all of Remine's filters.

On the Discovery map, you can use filters to focus your search and weed out properties that you don't want to track.

The following video is a portion of the Remine General Tutorial video that provides a quick overview of the available filters in Remine. If you want to view the entire tutorial, click here.


Say you want to farm the neighborhood you live in for potential listings. To farm a neighborhood, we recommend applying the Ownership Time and Home Equity filters.

Since we know that people typically sell their homes every 7 to 12 years, you'd select the Ownership Time filter and set the minimum to 7. When you click Apply Filter, all the blue dots that don't fit this criterion disappear from the map.

We know that if a person doesn't have enough equity, they aren't eligible to sell. To filter out these people, you can set the Home Equity filter minimum to 250,000. When you click Apply Filter, more ineligible blue dots will disappear.

From here, you can use the map tools to draw a shape around the area that you want to farm, create a label, and track.

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