How do I track properties or people?

Throughout the Remine application, you'll see buttons that look like these:

Track.png and TrackAll.png

When you click the Track down arrow DownArrow.png for a new opportunity, you'll be able to assign a new or existing label to the opportunity.

If you click the Track down arrow DownArrow.png for an opportunity you're already tracking, you'll be able to add or remove existing labels, or create a new label.

What is tracking?


After you track one or more opportunities, you'll see them in the list of tracked properties or people on the Track page.

There are several ways to track:

  • Track properties that meet your custom criteria: Select your filters, use a drawing tool to highlight an area, and click Track All.
  • Track a single property: Select a property, and on the property card or Property Details page, click Track.
  • Track a person: On the Property Details page, scroll to the Contact Information section, and click Track for one or more people.


    Select a person from the Property Details page or search results, and click Track.

  • Track the properties associated with a person: View a person's associated properties list, and click Track on one or more associated properties.
  • Track all the properties within a neighborhood, school district, county, or some other map boundary: Search for the boundary that you want to use to narrow your search. Select it from the search results, and the area will appears a a filter that is highlighted on the map. Click Track All.

Note: You must be tracking properties to export the associated information (address, Sell Score, etc.) from Remine into a CSV file.

The following video is a portion of the Remine General Tutorial video that provides a quick overview of how to track. If you want to view the entire tutorial, click here.

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