What's on the Track page?

In the top navigation bar, click Track. The Track page appears, where you can see your tracked people, tracked properties, and saved labels. You can think of this page as your filing cabinet of opportunities. In this article, you'll find the following information:

Track page overview

The following image shows what you'll find on the Track page, with some information about each feature. You can right-click and open the image in a new tab to see a larger version.


Property and People tabs

On the Property and People tabs, you can:

Property tab

On the Property tab, you can see basic information about your tracked properties at a glance, including the following:


People tab

On the People tab, you can see your tracked people and the following information for each:


Manage Labels menu

At the top of the Track page, click Manage Labels. The Manage Labels menu appears, which displays a breakdown of your existing labels, including how many opportunities you've assigned each label to. You can do the following on the Manage Labels menu:


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