What factors trigger notifications?

Note: You only receive notifications on opportunities that you are already tracking. If you want to increase the number of opportunities you can track, you can upgrade your plan.

You will receive a notification on the Engage page when any of the following data changes for a property or person that you are tracking, if applicable.

Sell Score
Say you're tracking Mary at 123 Main Street, and her Sell Score was Medium, but something has changed in her life and now she has a High Sell Score. You'll be notified of the change to her Sell Score, so you can reach out to sell her home. Click here to learn more about Sell Score.
MLS Status
Since we have a real-time integration with your MLS, you will be notified of changes in the status of any property you are tracking.
Say you've been meeting with Mary at 123 Main Street once a quarter in the hopes of listing her home. Now Mary has decided to list her property with another realtor. You can now focus your time and energy on other potential clients. You may also reach out to Mary, mention that you noticed her house was listed for sale, and ask what you can do to earn her business in the future.
We'll notify you if a person has paid off their mortgage, which makes them a prime target to sell. You'll also be notified if someone refinances or takes out a second mortgage on their property.
Say you sold a home to Mr. Smith 5 years ago, and he unfortunately passes away. You will be notified when the title transfers to Mr. Smith Jr. You can reach out to introduce yourself, express your condolences, and offer your insight as to why listing the home now may be better than renting it out. Click here to learn about common deed types.
Absentee Status
Say Mary at 123 Main Street decides to rent out her home and move to Florida. We'll notify you that she's now an absentee owner, so you can reach out to Mary and express to her why it's a good idea to sell right now while the market is hot, instead of dealing with tenants when she lives out of state.
Square Feet
Say Mary at 123 Main Street decides to put a 300 square foot addition on her home. She may or may not be getting ready to sell, so when you receive the notification, you can call her to find out.
Distressed Deal
We'll notify you if a property you're tracking has a change in its Distressed status. Click here to learn more about Distressed Deals.
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