CSV: Property Address vs. Mailing Address

When you download a CSV report, there are two address columns: property address and mailing address. Depending on your needs, you'll need to know the difference between the two.

Property Address
The Property Address occupies the first four data columns in the report (columns A-D). The Property Address represents the physical address for each property contained in teh report. These are the properties you targeted and tracked under the label that you filtered your track by to export this report.
Mailing Address
The Mailing Address occupies the four data columns immediately to the right of the Absentee Owner column (columns G-J). The Mailing Address represents the primary address of each absentee owner in the report (if a property in the report has an absentee owner, then the Mailing Address is where that owner actually resides).

When you should use the Property Address vs. the Mailing Address

Let's say you just downloaded a CSV from Remine that contains properties that you want to include in a mailing campaign, and your report includes both owner-occupied and absentee-owned properties. Maybe you want to send owner-occupied properties one message, and absentee-owned properties another. It's very important to understand which address is the most appropriate to use for each case to ensure your mailer reaches the correct recipients.

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