31st May 2018: New Track Page

Our Track page is getting a face lift and some additional features over the next few weeks! Phase one arrives on May 31st, which improves the look and feel of how you view your tracked opportunities. Read on for more details about what's coming in phase one.

Properties tab


People tab


New tab titles

You'll be able to see the number of tracked properties and people at a glance on the tab titles, instead of having to navigate to either page.


Quick edit & reference features

On the legacy Track page, you could select one or all opportunities to add or remove labels in bulk, or remove the opportunities from track. We're adding the following new features:

  • Add/edit/remove labels: Add, edit, or remove labels from individual tracked opportunities.
  • MLS ID and lot size: Quickly reference MLS ID and lot size in the row for the tracked opportunity.

Sticky searches

Track searches are going to be sticky! This means that when you click into a tracked item and then return to the Track page, you'll see your last sort or search.

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