What is the Buy Score?

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Buy Score is a machine-learning model that identifies which individuals are likely to purchase a property sooner than others within the next year. Buy Score is attached to individuals, whereas Sell Score is attached to properties. You'll see Buy Scores on the People tab of the Track page.


Note: Buy Score is only available with our Success and Pro plans.

How accurate is the Buy Score?

Nationally, an individual with a high Buy Score is twice as likely to purchase a property within one year than another randomly selected individual.

How do we calculate the Buy Score?

The following are the main variables that affect the Buy Score:

  • Demographic characteristics (e.g., age, likelihood of being married, and likelihood of having children)
  • Home purchasing history (e.g., first time home buyer or multiple property owner)
  • Estimated equity in any currently owned properties (How do we calculate net equity?)
  • Length of association with current residence

When any of these data points change, the Buy Score changes accordingly.

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