How do I print mailing labels from Remine?

Note: This article describes how to print mailing labels directly from Remine. If you want to learn how to create custom mailing labels using mail merge with Microsoft Office, click here.

After you track opportunitiescreate labels, and write your letters, you can print mailing labels directly from the Property tab of the Track page. The following steps explain how:

  1. On the Track page, filter your properties by one or more labels.

  2. On the left side of the list of properties, select the check boxes associated with the properties for which you want to create mailing labels. You can also select the Select All check box.

    After you select properties, the Print Mailing Labels button appears at the top of the list.


  3. Click Print Mailing Labels.

    The Print Mailing Labels window appears, where you can configure the information that appears on your mailing labels.


  4. In the Recipient Name box, select one of the following:
    • Property Owner(s) - The label displays the name(s) of the property owner(s) we have on file.
    • "Current Resident" - The label displays CURRENT RESIDENT in place of a name.
  5. In the Address box, select one of the following:
    • Property Address - The label displays the address for the selected property.
    • Mailing Address - The label displays the mailing address for the owner of the selected property.

      Click here to read more about property addresses vs. mailing addresses.

  6. In the Label Type box, select the type of label you want to use.

    Note: if you want to use a type of label that's not supported by this feature, see the Print mailing labels using mail merge article.

  7. Click Print.

    A window appears, which displays a preview of your mailing labels, and print options.

  8. Print the labels, stick them on your mailers, drop them in the mailbox, and go!

    Click here for some sample letter templates.


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