How do I filter and track condos?

You may notice that when you search for an address within a multi-unit building, the property card looks different than those for single-family or townhome properties. 

In Remine, every property has its own Property Details page, but not every property has its own blue dot. When you click on the blue dot for a multi-unit building, a property card appears for the building. You can click View Units in the lower left corner of the property card to see a list of all the condominiums in the building.


The following steps describe how to filter and track properties in a condo building with 251 units.

  1. Navigate to the address on the map. Locate the blue dot that corresponds to the building. When you click on the blue dot, a multi-unit property card appears, where you can click View Units to see a list of all the condos in the building.

    Note: If you click Track All on the property card, you'll track all 251 condos in the building, regardless of any filters you've applied.


  2. Apply your filters. In this example, we're applying the Ownership Time, Home Equity, and Sell Score filters.


  3. Draw a shape to isolate the building. You don't have to draw a shape around the entire physical building or property boundary. Just make sure you're isolating the blue dot that corresponds to the building. When you complete the shape, all other blue dots on the map disappear.


  4. Track the properties that meet your criteria. In the upper right corner of the map, click the down arrow DownArrow.png on the Track All button. Create a label for these condos, and click Apply.


    The properties appear in your list on the Track page, with your new label applied.

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