Past Transactions Report

As a Remine user, you can request a report of your past clients and transacted properties, which includes a forecast of which clients are likely to transact again sooner than others.

We generate this report by compiling a list of all the transactions where you are identified as one of the following:

  • Listing agent
  • Co-listing agent
  • Selling agent
  • Co-selling agent

We pull this information from your MLS, and each MLS has a different system for keeping historical records. As a result, how far back your Past Transactions Report goes depends on two factors:

  • Whether you have switched your MLS ID. We can only pull information for your current MLS ID.
  • How far back your MLS keeps historical transaction records.

When you receive your Past Transactions Report, all the properties and people will be tracked under a new label. You can view and manage your past clients on the Track page, and you'll receive notifications any time information changes for your clients and transacted properties.

Why should I request my Past Transactions Report?

In your Past Transactions Report, you'll see the following actionable data:

How do I get my Past Transactions Report?

Contact us! We'll walk you through your Past Transactions Report, pricing details, and how you can utilize this information to farm your warm leads.

Phone: (855) 217-0171


Remine Support is available Monday through Friday 9am-9pm ET, and Saturday 9am-1pm ET.


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