How does the Airbnb filter work?

Airbnb is a company that specializes in vacation home rentals. Individuals can use Airbnb to set up short-term rentals for their own properties.

To learn more about Airbnb, visit the Airbnb help center.



The Airbnb overlay in Remine displays flags for available Airbnb rentals in the area. For security reasons, Airbnb does not publicly reveal property addresses for rentals. Airbnb provides addresses to guests after the guests have booked a rental.

Since we don't receive addresses from Airbnb, the flags displayed in Remine don't correspond to any particular blue property dots, and you cannot filter for Airbnbs. However, the flags will appear within the neighborhood or block of the rental, so the Airbnb layer is useful for identifying the concentration of short-term rental properties in a given area.

There are two reasons you might use the Airbnb overlay:

  • You're working with someone who wants to rent a property. You can use the Airbnb layer to identify popular areas for rentals, and average short-term rental prices.
  • You're working with a buyer who doesn't want to live in an area with lots of short-term rentals. You can use the Airbnb layer to identify areas with fewer short-term rentals.
See the What are the available layers? article to read about all the available layers in Remine.
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