How do I add a valuation to a property?

As an agent, you know better than any automated valuation model (AVM) what a property is worth. So after you've walked through a property and determined your own estimated value, you can add your valuation to the property on the Property Details page. When you add your valuation, it's calculated into the average valuation for the property.

Any agent can submit a valuation, but only Success and Pro plan subscribers can view other agent valuations before submitting a valuation.

Note: You cannot modify or delete your submitted valuations. You can submit one valuation every 30 days. If you submit a second valuation for a property after 30 days, your new valuation will replace your previous valuation in the average valuation for the property.

  1. On the Property Details page for the property to which you want to add your valuation, on the right pane, click Price This Property.


    The page scrolls to the Valuation section.

  2. In the Valuation Amount box, type your valuation. Alternatively, you can use the slider to drag the valuation to your desired number.

    If you add a valuation that's outside the bounds of the slider, a text box appears where you can justify your valuation.


  3. When you're done, click the Submit Valuation button. If you're confident in your valuation, click Done.

    Your valuation appears in a card alongside the Zillow, Eppraisal, and First American cards, and the average valuation updates to include yours.

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