How do I create my homepage?

You can create a public Remine homepage to use as a landing page for your clients. You must create a URL for your public homepage before you can save searches or invite clients to Remine. When your client clicks your custom link, they'll see your homepage.


2. At the top of the Settings page, click Change Photo. Upload a photo that you want to appear on your homepage and printed materials like CMA 360 reports.


3. Scroll to the Public Homepage settings.

4. In the Custom URL section, type a URL for your homepage. This URL is permanent, and you won't be able to modify it later. Choose something recognizable that you can remember.


5. In the Logo section, click Add to upload your logo.


6. In the Background Image section, select one of the preset images, or click Add to upload your own.


7. In the Welcome Message section, type a message that appears at the bottom of the homepage.


8. In the Display Preferences section, type the contact information that you want to appear on your homepage. If you don't enter anything here, your homepage will display just your name that we get directly from your MLS.

If your licensing authority requires you to display your license number on marketing materials, you can include your license number under Additional Info.


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