How do I track properties in Remine Mobile?

Throughout Remine Mobile, you'll see buttons that look like these:

TrackButton.png or TrackButton2.png or TrackButton3.png or TrackButton4.png

Any time you tap one of these buttons, you'll track the property or person you're viewing. What is tracking?

On the Discover tab, you'll see this button, which tracks all the visible properties on the map with your current filter and zoom configuration:


What Do You Want to Track? How to Track?
Track properties on the map that meet your criteria Select filtersdraw a shape on the map, and tap the Track # Results button at the top of the screen.
Track a single property

In the upper right corner of any property card, tap the TrackButton4.png button.


In the upper right corner of the Property Details page, tap the TrackButton3.png button.


At the bottom of the Property Details page for an off market property, tap the Track Property button.

Track the properties associated with a person On the Associated Properties page for a person, tap the TrackButton4.png button in the upper right corner of a property card.
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