Garden State MLS IDX Opt-In


Within Garden State MLS, Brokers of Record have an option to opt into or out of IDX listings. In order to receive full access to the Engage section in Remine, your Broker of Record will need to be sure to opt into the IDX in your MLS. 

Opting into the Garden State MLS IDX

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Office MGMT > Manage Exports > View/Edit IDX Agreements > 
  3. A SAMPLE Agreement will display, scroll down to the bottom the “I AGREE” checkbox MUST be selected, click CONTINUE
  4. Select one answer from the 5 questions (click NEXT, after each question)
  5. After Step 5 is answered select ACCEPT AND SIGN
  6. Scroll to the bottom Type your First/Last Name and Date
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Your office is now opted-in to IDX online. You will ONLY need to do this once unless you want to change any of your choices in the future.
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