Find Purchased Contact Information

If you're on the Starter or Success plan, you can buy contact information for 3 credits per household. It's crucial that you track any people for whom you purchase contact information, so you can access all your purchased contact information in one location. If you purchase contact information for a household and you don't track the property or people, you'll have to search for the property or person to find the contact information.

The following steps describe how to find the people for whom you've bought contact information, so you can track them.

  1. In the left navigation bar, click your username, then click Credits.

    A page appears that displays your credit transaction history.

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  2. Find the person in the list whose contact information you want to view, and click View.

    A dialog box appears that displays more information about this credit purchase.

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  3. In your browser address bar, you'll see that the URL is Replace that URL with
  4. Copy the ID in the Description box, and paste it at the end of the URL.

    In this example, the URL in the address bar should be See the following gif for a visual of steps 3 and 4.

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  5. Press Enter.

    The Associated Properties page appears for the person, where you can view contact information and properties to which the person has any historical connection. On this page, you can click the down arrow next to the Track button to track the person and assign a label. See the How do I track properties or people? and Labels articles for more information.

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