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What are unmapped properties?

In the upper left corner of the Search map, you may see a link indicating that there are unmapped listings. When we can't match a listing, we add it to our database of unmapped listings. Unmapped listings cannot be added to a cart. 

Why is my listing unmapped?

The main reason a listing displays as unmapped is because the listing data doesn't match the data we collect from the public record (e.g., street address or tax identification number).

If you've double-checked that the listing information is correct according to the public record data, contact our Support Team

Why can't I see any blue dots? 
You might be zoomed out too far on the Search map. To zoom in, click the ZoomIn.png button on the left-hand side of the map. Keep clicking until you can see blue dots!
How do we identify cash buyers? 

The Cash Buyers overlay displays properties that were paid for in cash.

We reference the transaction date and whether a mortgage was taken out on the property within 48 hours before or after that date. You can confirm the exact mortgage date on the Property Details Page. We would also suggest utilizing the Has No Mortgage filter within the Mortgage Layer to help narrow down your results. 

See What are the available layers? to read about all the available layers in Remine.
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