How to Use Remine for Facebook Advertising?


Export a Remine CSV to Use as a Customer List to Make a Custom Audience in Facebook

  1. Go to your Contacts page.

    • If you have not yet added any Contacts, do so now. Add the Contacts to which you want to advertise. Assign them to a group (example group name: Facebook SOI).
  2. Open the Group of contacts that you would like to export. 

  3.  Check the box next to the contacts you would like to export individually. To Select All contacts in the group check the box in the headers section.

  4. Click the Export CSV button at the top of the page.

  5. Name your file and click Submit.

    • A *.csv file downloads, which you can open in Excel to format. 

    • Note: Downloaded contact CSVs and property CSVs include any purchased contact information by default, for convenience. If you're on the Pro plan, all available contact information is included for free.
  6. Now that you have a list of people in a *.csv file, click to view the Create a Custom Audience from a Customer File article. From there, follow Facebook's instructions outlined in the article to create targeted Facebook advertisements.

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