How To Get Started with StepOne


StepOne is the first step in getting your clients engaged with all that Remine has to offer. Provide your clients with a free credit report through Equifax as well as all of the power of Remine on and the Remine Mobile App. This is a soft pull on the client's credit and will not affect their credit score.

Getting started with StepOne

  1. Invite your clients to Remine from Engage or Contacts on the desktop version of Remine. You can also invite clients from the Remine Mobile App
  2. Invited clients will receive an email invite where they can create their Remine Account and confirm their registration. Once they have done both, they will be able to request their free credit report.
  3. Users who verify their identity will instantly receive their credit score and have the ability to view and/or download their full Equifax credit report.
  4. Once a client has registered on, verified their identity, and received their free credit score, your Engage page in Remine will reflect that activity. See our Engage article for more information on what you can learn through the insights on Engage. 
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