Document, Submission, and Transaction Statuses


The features outlined here are currently available to FMLS and AKMLS members only.

Statuses are used throughout Docs+ to help you keep tabs on your transactions.  

Document statuses pertain to each document individually. Statuses are: 

  • Draft: This is the default status of any document (upload or Smart Form) added to a Transaction folder. Documents will remain in 'Draft' status until being sent and/or signed 
  • Sent: The document has been sent to a client or cooperating agent, but has not been viewed 
  • For Review: The recipient has signed or made edits to the document – updates are ready for your review 
  • Read: The document has been opened by the recipient 
  • In Progress: This status is used for any documents that are being actively updated by both sides of the transaction 
  • Complete: The document is ready for submission  

Submission statuses pertain to collections of documents (Transaction folders) being sent to broker/admin for review. Statuses are: 

  • Open:  Hasn’t been submitted 
  • Submitted: The documents have been sent to the office and are awaiting admin action/assignment 
  • Admin Review: The documents are currently being reviewed by admin 
  • Incomplete: Admin has marked documents as requiring updates, corrections or any further action 
  • Approved: Documents have been marked by admin as correct and complete  

Transaction statuses pertain to the entire deal and encompass the whole Transaction folder. Statuses are: 

  • Active: Any transactions that you're currently working on 
  • Inactive: Transactions that have fallen through and/or have "gone cold" 
  • Closed: Transactions that are complete 
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