Changing Your Signing Email


At some point you may find that your Signing Email (displayed in your 'Settings' page) requires an update.

What is a "Signing Email"?

  • Remine Docs uses the email address as the 'unique identifier' for every individual participant in a transaction, and this includes yourself.
  • The Signing Email is where all account-related notifications are sent, such as when your documents have been opened or signed.
  • A cooperating agent would use this email address to send documents to - when you open these documents from your email, they'll appear in the 'Transactions' section of your Docs account.

Because Remine Docs uses the email address as the primary way to identify each individual in a transaction, switching the email address on an account isn't exactly like flipping a switch. Every document you've created in your account, including every log of every action you've taken, is permanently tied to your current Signing Email.

How can the 'Signing Email' be changed?

A solution that we can offer is to create a new Docs account for you - a 'clean slate', if you will. Provided that the new signing email is your email address on the agent roster, RETS as well as the email address in the 'Settings' section of the core Remine app, creating a new Docs account with it can be done.

What this change will effectively do, however, is clear everything from your original old Docs account (the one associated with the old Signing Email) so you'll want to download everything that you might want to hang onto, as well as wait for a time when you don't have any transactions 'in flight' in that Docs account.

Taking all of the above into account, reach out to to get started on changing your Signing Email. Let us know the following:

  • The Signing Email currently associated with your Remine Docs account
  • The new Signing Email address you want to switch to
  • Confirm that this email address has already been updated with your MLS. After a short while, this should automatically reflect in the 'MLS Email' field in your general Remine 'Account Info'
  • Confirm that you've saved all of the documents you may need, as they'll be lost after switching to the new Signing Email

If you have any questions, just ask.

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