Resolving Account Email Discrepancies


Remine Docs uses a single email address as your unique account identifier. When your account is created in Docs, this is based on the first email we get from your MLS. Therefore, that  email address becomes associated with your Docs account. 


If you receive the red Email Discrepancy warning message, it means your email address that we see from the MLS and the email that was originally associated with your Docs account (before the email address change) are now in conflict. 


This can come about from one of three scenarios:  

  1. You have voluntarily changed your email with the MLS (i.e. your MLS portal); 
  2. You have changed Brokerages; and at the same time also changed your email as well *. 
  3. In rare cases, users have more than one MLS login associated with the same email account. If this is the case, **please contact us immediately before resolving the red warning**.  


If you are not a Docs+ user and have our standard Docs product, all of the above will not apply to you, but your email account conflict will still need to be resolved. 


Since your Docs account is directly connected with an email address, all interactions and history in the account are stored and associated with that email address. Thus, changing your email requires us to effectively create a new account (with the new email) and associate it with your MLS user (the one in the roster). 


If you see the red warning, this means there is a conflict with the two email addresses/accounts and we should resolve this as soon as possible. Before resolving this conflict, we recommend that you ignore the red warning for now and download/extract any documents or information you would like to keep. Downloading your existing documents is crucial: once the email discrepancy is resolved, you will have a brand new, empty Docs account. This action cannot be undone. 


If you do not want to proceed with the resolution at this time, understand that all the account information will still be connected to the old email, which you may no longer have access to. This is also not the email connected with your MLS roster anymore, as you have since changed it 


You may return to your MLS and revert your email back to the original one, if you still have access to the original email. In approximately 10-15 minutes Docs will notice the reversal, and the red warning should disappear. 


This is advisable, especially if you have a transaction in flight. Please wait for a time when you have exported everything you would like before resolving this email discrepancy issue. 


* Note, if you have changed Brokerages, the documents you have previously created will already have been removed from your account and sent directly to your original Broker. Your account will already essentially be empty. The reason you will see the red warning, is because during this Brokerage change, you have also changed your email address, and we will need to rectify that issue as well by associating your account to the new email address. 


To complete the resolution, you will need to confirm:  

  • That your new account will be empty 
  • That you have had the chance to extract any documents you wish to keep (unless you have moved Brokerages in which case you will need to contact your old Broker, as the documents have already been removed and sent to the Broker)  
  • Any documents you have set the MLS visibility to share documents with your MLS listing will also be removed.  

* Only applicable to select MLS where this feature exists 


Once the above is confirmed you will be asked to log back in, and you will now have access to your newly resolved account.  


If you have any questions, just ask. 

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