June Feature Updates


Market Pulse Enhancements

To make the Daily Dashboard's Market Pulse card easier to interpret, we've updated the labels to identify each timeframe more clearly (i.e., "Last 7 days"). There is now also text at the bottom that displays the date/time of all listings included in the selected timeframe. 

Check out our article About Daily for more information on Market Pulse and the Daily Dashboard.



Over 100 New Fields in Carts CSV Export

We’re providing you with more data points by adding over 100 additional fields to the Carts export! Learn how to export a CSV from Carts in Remine in the article linked below. 

How do I export Carts in Remine?


Remine Live: Record and Share

You can now record your Remine Live Open Houses with the option to share the recordings with other agents and consumers. Read more about how to Record and Share your Remine Live Open House in the article linked below.

Record and Share A Remine Live Open House


Remine Live is available exclusively in Remine Pro.



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