Validate Your NRDS to Access GCAAR, VAR (Virginia) or MAR (Maryland) Forms


The feature described here applies to GCAAR/VAR (Virginia)/MAR (Maryland) members who have access to Docs+.

If you've got Remine Docs+ and are a member of GCAAR, VAR or MAR, you can access the smart forms specific to those associations by validating your NRDS number in Docs+ Settings.

Start from the Core Remine web app ('Daily', 'Search', etc.) and click 'Docs+' in the left side menu. When Docs+ opens in a new browser tab, click 'Settings':



From there, you should see where to enter your NRDS number. Clicking 'change' will allow you to enter the number. When validated, you'll see the updates apply to the 'Associations' section. If you're a member of GCAAR, VAR or MAR, it will show here:



From there, you'll be able to access your associations' respective forms from the Form Library as well as creating (or adding to) a Transaction:


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