Add/Edit Listing Approval Feature


The listing creation process will still be the same for agents but for some, instead of being able to publish directly to the MLS, agent's will need to submit their listing to their Office Manager or Broker for approval. When all of the sections of the listing have been completed successfully, agents will click on the 'Submit for Approval' button. 


Office Manager or Brokers will receive an email notification from Remine alerting them they have a listing awaiting their approval. Clicking on the 'Review Listing' button will redirect you to the Add/Edit dashboard. 


The new dashboard will look the same for agents and brokers but will now have Awaiting Approval and Rejected sections. To approve the listing, the Office Manager or Broker will need to select the listing, then click on the 'Update Status' button. 


Once on the listing, the Office Manage or Broker can either Approve or Reject the listing. If the listing is rejected, the agent will receive an email from Remine alerting them of this. Agents will find their listing in the Rejected section. After select the listing they need to edit and making the necessary changes, they can then re-submit the listing again for approval.


Once the listing has been approved by the Office Manager or Broker it will be published to the MLS. Agents will receive an email stating that the listing has been approved and they can view this in the Published section on the dashboard. 

Subsequent listing modifications, including any field, price, or status changes will also need to be submitted for approval.

*This feature is not available to all FMLS offices. Please reach out to to request this additional feature.

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