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Below are some frequently asked questions in regards to digital advertisements. If you have any additional questions please submit a support ticket here for further assistance.


What are the benefits of digitally marketing through my Remine Pro account as opposed to directly with the Facebook Business Manager?

When using Remine’s Marketing Center you can expect a more efficient and optimized digital marketing experience than utilizing Facebook and Google’s tools alone. Take advantage of blueprints built specifically for real estate professionals that maximize your ROI, the backing of MLS data for up-to-date and simplified ad creation, and real-time analytics that keep you informed on your audience and results.

Do I need a Facebook Business Page to place an ad? 

No, but it helps! There will be a fallback page provided for the ads, but using your own Facebook Business Page helps to personalize your ad! 

Will I be able to see my ads on my business Facebook page to share with my clients?

You can access your ad's analytics and share it with any interested clients through the programs page, however you cannot access this data through your Facebook page.

Can I add other social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Pinterest?

At this time you can only link your Facebook account. However, your ad will be optimized and shown across various platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

How to view the metrics of my Facebook Ad 

Individual ad performance is available. If you click on “Programs” under “Listings”, you can click on any ad you placed and find the metrics across the top of those ad details. 

How do I cancel an Ad Campaign? 

Go to the “Program Detail” page and click the “Cancel” button. You can cancel at any time and the refund is prorated on how much has already been spent on your program, plus a small fee to cover the credit reimbursement fee. 

Once the ad period I chose is complete will I have to manually cancel the ad or will it automatically stop?

Your ad will automatically cancel on the date you specify.

Are my ads optimized? 

Yes, and the more ads you run consistently, the better the system will become at bringing you results based on the built-in machine learning. 

Can I edit an Active ad? 

Yes, go into “Programs”, click on the ad you want to make edits and click “EDIT”. Your ad will be paused until the new edits are approved by Facebook and you cannot edit the start date, end date, or ad budget. If you would like to modify the dates of your ad, you must cancel your ad and create a new one. 

How to cancel an ad? 

Go into “Programs”, click on the ad you want to cancel and hit “CANCEL”. 

Where will my ad show? 

Your ad will use "auto-placements", per best practices. The ad runs on Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, Messenger and Audience Network. 


Can I target an out-of-state zip code when promoting my website?

Yes, you can pick an out-of-state zip code when doing an agent promotion. 

Why does Campaign Connector need admin access to my Facebook page? 

Campaign Connector needs admin access only to publish ads and to grab the incoming leads to send to you, nothing else.  

If my listing sales in four days can I get credit for the remaining days my ad is supposed to run?

You can edit or cancel your program at any point. You are only charged for the days the ad runs.

Can I use more than 1 image or a video?

At this time you only have the option to select the MLS image on the listing or upload an image of your choice.

Can I run an ad for properties sold?

Yes, you can run ads for properties sold. To indicate that the property was recently sold you can select the "Just sold" property overlay.

Is a listing required to run an ad?

No, you can choose another blueprint where you can advertise yourself instead of a particular listing.

I am a new agent that doesn't have a listing yet. How can I market myself?

You can run ads to promote yourself and your business. Just select the agent promotion blueprint and link your desired website or landing page.

Is the application available on mobile or just the desktop version?

This web application is available via mobile and has the same workflow.

Where do I find my leads? 

Leads are stored under contacts for you to visit as needed.

How are we notified of leads?

In your account settings, you can set up your notification preferences as desired so you can receive real-time notifications via email and/or SMS messages.

Where does the "Learn More" button on the Facebook ad direct users?

On the Buyer Leads and Seller Leads blueprints the Learn More button directs to your lead form for your potential clients to fill out so you can follow up with them to supply more information.

Will my Facebook ad only be shown to my friends list or will it reach people I am not connected with?

There are two options to develop the target audience for your Facebook ads. You can select a radius around the listing you are advertising or you can upload a list of email contacts (300 minimum) to create a lookalike audience. Since Facebook will optimize your ad based on the criteria above it will reach far beyond your contact list.

Which offer better results, Facebook ads or Google ads?

The answer depends on your ad goals. Our Support Center offers more info on best practices for Google ads and Facebook ads.

Is my CC charged immediately when I place my order? 

No - cards are validated immediately but not charged until the order is successfully published. 

Does Remine add a fee on top of the Facebook marketing charges?

There are no additional charges when using Remine's Marketing Center. The price you see at checkout is the final price you pay.

Are there any additional/hidden fees?

There are no additional charges when using Remine's Marketing Center. The price you see at checkout is the final price you pay.

Is there a minimum spend per day? 

Yes, while it can vary, the default is set to $2/day minimum. It’s difficult to get adequate performance spending less than $2/day and some channels prohibit spending less. 

Pricing Suggestions: {How much should I spend on an ad} 

  • Min Price $49 to Max $5k slider set on $79 
  • $99 
  • $149
  • $199
  • $299
  • $499 
  • $999 
  • $1,999 
  • $2,999 

Click here to get the best out of your ad spend and more info on best practices for Google and Facebook ads.

 How to Unlink a Facebook Page: 

  • Go to {your-domain}/#facebook/pages 
  • Click view page details link for the page you want to unlink 
  • In the page details, click unlink at the bottom and then unlink again to confirm 
  • If you have active orders associated with a Page, you will be unable to unlink the page before first cancelling the programs or allowing them to conclude. You will see active orders associated with a Page with links to those orders directly from the Page Details.

Is there additional training?

Our team is standing by to help you. If you have questions or issues you can visit our Support Center, start a chat in the Remine app, or submit a ticket


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