How to Create a Facebook Digital Ad Campaign


Whether you are looking to create an ad for a listing, to attract new buyers or generate new leads, you can do so by creating a campaign within Remine Marketing.


To start, click on Marketing from the left side menu on your core Remine page. 


From here, you will have options on how you'd like to proceed with building your campaign. If you know the audience you're wanting to reach, you'll select one of the three top options.


If you are unsure, you can simply select the Digital Marketing tile.


Once you have selected which ad you want to use, you'll be taken to the 'Create Program' page where you can start customizing your campaign.


Step 1 is where you will set up your program. Here you can view the blue print selected based on your ad choice. You also have the option to change if the initial one selected no longer meets your needs.


You can also link a listing you'd like to promote. When clicking to select a listing, all the listings that are associated to you will populate. 


If this is your first time logging in or if you haven't linked your Facebook Business page, you will get a pop up asking you to do so upon opening the campaign builder page. For Remine users, the creation and linking of a Facebook business page isnecessary step in creating digital ads.
Click here to learn more about setting up your Facebook business page.


Once linked, you will see your Facebook page populate under Facebook Settings.


You can set your Targeting Radius by either typing in the number of miles or using the slider to adjust the mileage. You can choose either your listing or custom location to base the radius around.


In the Creative section, you can personalize the ad headline and messaging by clicking into either box and either free typing or selecting default content.


Below is where you can select the Property Status Overlay, Main Image and Agent Image Overlay. The default main image is set to the first image in your listing, however you can choose any other photo associated with your listing for your ad. You can also choose to upload custom image.
The agent overlay will default to your Agent Profile however you have the option to add a custom image or choose to not have one at all.


*Depending on your blueprint choice, not all options shown may be applicable

As you work through Step 1, you'll see the Ad Preview in the top right corner. This will also show the Facebook page your ad is linked to.


Clicking the blue next button will take to you to Step 2 where you can set your schedule and spend. 

The ad spend can be set by either free typing into the box or adjusting the slider. Your daily spend will show to the right once the amount has been set in the box.


Below your payment method, you can Name Your Program. The program name can be manually changed by clicking in the box, or you can save with the auto defaulted title.


Once you have your schedule and spend all set, click next at the bottom of the page to be taken to checkout.

Step 3 is your checkout page where you can review your ad, verify your start and end dates and payment method. 


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