Searching for Properties and People


The search bar appears at the top of Remine on the Search map. Upon typing in the search bar, results will appear in the drop-down.

For best results, we recommend that you type just the beginning of the address or the last name of a person, and slowly add more information until the result appears in the search results.

To see the results in a separate page, in the search results drop-down, click See all results.

What can I search for?

Search for an Address
For the best results, we recommend typing the beginning of the address and allowing the results to populate. Commas aren’t necessary when searching by address.
Search by Listing ID 
If you want to search for an MLS ID for a listing, type ListingID:##########. “ListingID” is not case sensitive, but the MLS ID that you enter is case sensitive. For best results, avoid spaces. For example: 

  • Will work
    • ListingID:ABCD123456
    • listingid:ABCD123456
  • Will not work
    • ListingID: ABCD 123456
    • ListingID: abcd123456
Search by Tax/PIN/Parcel ID
If you want to search for a tax identification number, type PIN:##########. For best results, avoid spaces. This feature is not sensitive to hyphens, provided they’re placed in the correct location. For example:

  • Will work
    • PIN:12-345-678
    • PIN:12345678
    • PIN: 12345678
  • Will not work
    • PIN: 12 345 678
    • PIN: 12-34-567-8
Search for People
When searching for people, we recommend using a combination of first name, last name, and city: the more details that you can provide, the better. You can also search for other Agents in your MLS. Just type their name in the search bar and select them from the results.  
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