Understanding the Blue Dots


Cluster Blue Dots 

When you log in to Remine, by default, the Search map is zoomed out and the Active Status filter is applied. Blue circles with numbers appear on the map, which represents clusters of active listings. 

When you apply any other Status filter, like Pending, Closed, or Withdrawn, the clustered dots will update to include those listing types. 


Property-Specific Blue Dots

Generally, each individual blue dot represents a single property. When you click the blue dot, a property card will display on the panel to the right-hand side of the page. Click the property card to open the Property Details page.


One exception of a blue dot not representing a single property is in the case of multi-unit properties. When you click the blue dot for a multi-unit property, the information will be available in the panel on the right, but the property card will indicate that there are multiple units associated with the property. Click View All Units to see a list of all the units in the building and their listing information. You can click an individual unit's address to see the Property Details page.  

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