Daily FAQs


What does each card mean?
View our What is Daily? article to see the available cards and their descriptions. 

What if my Daily dashboard does not load?
If your Daily page does not load, please exit out of your current browser window. Open a new one and log back into Remine using https://login.remine.com/. You may copy and paste or simply click the link. If the Daily dashboard still does not load, reach out to Support by Reporting a Bug. Please include the browser and device information.

How many times can I update my ZIP Code for Weather Forecast?
There is no limit to the number of times you can update the ZIP Code on the Weather Forecast tool. Once you have added a ZIP Code, however, it cannot be removed completely.

How do I move, delete, add or copy a card on my Daily dashboard?
To see how to manage your cards on your Daily dashboard, view our Manage Cards on Daily article.

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