How To Send a Chat Message


Send Message via the Chat Page


In the left navigation bar, click Chat. The Chat page appears, where you'll see your chat history and manage your messages.


In the upper right corner of the Recent Chats bar, click the NewChatButton.png button to create a new message. Search for an agent and click their name. Create a group chat by adding additional agents.

When you've added your desired recipients, type your message at the bottom of the Chat page, and click Send.

Click the ChatGroup.png button to view the group members in the selected chat.

Send Message via the Property Details Page


When you view the Property Details page for an active listing, click PropertyDetailsSendMessageButton.png  located underneath the Listing Agent section next to the Listing Agent's name to send a new message.

Send Message via the Agent Details Page


When you search for an agent and click on their name, you'll see the Agent Details page. Click Message Agent in the upper right corner to send a new message.

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