How to Use Cloud CMA in Remine?



If you are a Cloud CMA subscriber, you can quickly create a Cloud CMA while referencing the Property Details page in Remine.

Visit the List of Cloud CMA MLS Partners to find out if your MLS offers Cloud CMA as a member benefit.

Steps to Create a Cloud CMA

Note: Any Cloud CMAs that you create are tied only to your Cloud CMA account. These will not appear in Remine on the Property Details page for the property.
  1. Access the Property Details page for the property for which you want to create a CMA.
  2. Click Create CMA from the menu options. From the drop down, select Cloud CMA.


  3. Type your Cloud CMA credentials and click Sign In.
  4. After you log in to Cloud CMA, in the top navigation bar, click CMA.

For more information about Cloud CMA, visit the Cloud CMA Support Center.

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