Managing Saved Searches


Once you've created your Saved Search, you can always go back and make changes like editing the name, criteria, and sharing.

To make changes to your existing Saved Searches, click your username in the bottom-left corner of the left navigation bar. In the sub-menu, select Saved Searches.



What changes can I make?

Edit Name and Frequency


  1. Click the icon next to the Saved Search name
  2. Enter the new chosen Name
  3. Click Save
  4. To change the frequency, click the down arrow next to the current frequency and select a new frequency

Edit Share Permissions


  1. Click the icon next to Send to
  2. Add a recipient by typing in their email address
  3. Remove a recipient by clicking the X next to the email address
  4. Click Save

Receive a Copy of the Saved Search


To include yourself as a recipient, just toggle the button next to Send me an email also.

Edit Saved Search Criteria

  1. Click the Editwtxt.pngbutton at the end of the row
  2. Change your selected filters and layers, or shape
  3. 4. Click Save Search at the top of the Search map to save the changes or Cancel to cancel them
  4. Click Update to save the changes or Create Now to save a new search with the new criteria

Delete a Saved Search


  1. Click the Delete.pngbutton at the end of the row
  2. Click Delete to confirm deletion of the Saved Search

Note: Deleting a Saved Search cannot be undone. Please ensure that you and your clients no longer need the Saved Search before deleting.


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