How to Upload a Contacts CSV?


How Do You Set up Your Contacts CSV File?

First you will need to set up your contact CSV File. To create a CSV file, add your information to a spreadsheet software (like Microsoft Excel) as shown below. To minimize errors when uploading, we recommend you organize your spreadsheet with the following case-sensitive column headers:

First Name Last Name Street Address City State Zip Email Address Phone Number


Now that you have your Contacts in your spreadsheet, it will need to be saved to your computer. First, select Save As within your spreadsheet software and select the file type comma delimited, or comma-separated (*.csv). This is the file that you will upload.


Download our CSV template and add your information.


How to Upload a Contact CSV?

  1. In the left menu, select Contacts. Then, on the Contacts page, in the top right corner, click the blue Upload Contacts button.



  1. The next page will prompt you to Select a File to Import.

    The Upload page appears, which is the first step in the Contacts uploader. This page displays formatting suggestions for your CSV, including a template that you can download that will yield the best results. Your column headers should be camel case, as the uploader is case-sensitive.

  2. You may either drag your file into the box or click Choose File. A file explorer window appears, where you can select your CSV by double-clicking or selecting the file name and selecting Open.


Next, the Upload page appears, where you can map your CSV column headers. Remine auto populates as many headers as it can detect, but there may be some that you need to manually drag-and-drop.


Check the box under the Import column for all columns that you would like to import. If there are headers under the Your Headers column that don't correspond to any spots under Remine Headers, you can change the option in the Remine Headers dropdown for each header.

     When you're done mapping your column headers, click Done.


The upload you'll receive a notification when the upload completes. You can navigate away from the upload wizard and use Remine normally while the uploader runs.

In the left navigation bar, click Alerts. In the Alerts menu, click View Results.




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