Getting Started with Remine Docs


Remine Docs is an easy-to-use, cloud-based app. You can use Remine Docs to upload, mark up, share, and sign your simple PDF documents! Click here to watch a video version of this guide!

Part 1: Uploading your PDFs

There are a couple of ways to upload a PDF into Remine Docs: you can click Upload PDF from the Dashboard (1) where you can select the file and choose its destination, or you can upload from within a document folder (2).



If you're having trouble uploading a PDF, click here for troubleshooting steps.

Know that you can create as many Document folders as you need. You can also create folders within folders and use the other basic Document folder actions to move, copy, delete, etc.

Part 2: Using Mark-up

Unless you’re just looking to store this document for your records (i.e. a survey or floorplan), you’ll likely need to get some signatures or initials added to it. Remine Docs makes adding signature fields and other necessary edits easy with a tool called ‘Mark-up’.

While viewing your uploaded PDF, check out the toolbar at the top of the page.  You can place the signature or initial fields anywhere you need: just click the Signature or Initial button, select whose signature is needed, and use your cursor to put it anywhere on the document.

2019-08-19_14-18-50 (1).gif

Note: Make sure that you’re set to represent the correct side of the transaction. You can do this by clicking Edit next to your name in the signature/initial drop-down menu. You can also add other parties (your clients, the cooperating agent, etc,) from this drop-down:



You can also enter the name(s) of the recipient(s) (those who you'll be sending the document to) by clicking the People view option just above the Mark-up toolbar:


It's important to make sure that you're set up as representing the correct side. Remine Docs will set you up on the 'Buyer' side by default, but you can always switch to represent the 'Seller' side.

You can use the Draw tool to draw straight lines (or freehand) anywhere on the document and use the Rectangle or Ellipse options to highlight specific areas.



Another neat feature designed for agents is the Crossed-out Rectangle. Use it to strike out any portion, big or small:




Note that you can adjust the color, opacity, and thickness using the Line Drawing Details toolbar. The toolbar opens on the left once you’ve added markings. Remine Docs will remember the last setting you applied for the next time.

You’ve also got Undo and Redo buttons in the upper left that allow you to delete or re-add any edits you’ve made in the sequence.

Once you’re finished making all the necessary changes to your uploaded PDF, click Finish on the right side of the Mark-up toolbar.

Part 3: Sending and Signing

First of all, signing documents in Remine Docs is pretty straightforward. Once signature/initial fields have been added to your PDF, just click Start Signing in the upper right. If the signee is with you, you can literally hand them your device and allow them to create their own signature and sign.

There are a couple of ways to send documents (via email) for sharing or signing. While viewing your document, you can simply click the Send button in the upper right, or Start Signing to begin a signing session: 


...or you can select multiple documents to send/sign from the Document folder view:


If you've got multiple documents in your folder, you'll be asked to indicate which documents you want to send or sign. If you're sharing the document(s), select the recipient, add an optional message to accompany the documents, and click Send:



After you've sent your document(s) for signing, the recipient will receive an email including a downloadable copy of the documents and a link to view and sign. The recipient does not need a Remine account to view or sign the document(s); they'll be shown a few simple instructions on how to sign, and are automatically guided end-to-end through the signing session. The recipient will receive an email with a downloadable copy of the signed document when they're finished.

It's important to note that buyers & sellers will only have permission to sign their respective fields. Cooperating agents, on the other hand, will have the ability to mark up documents (in order to counter and send back to you) as well as normal signing permissions.

Notifications of important events (like if/when your document emails are opened or when a document is signed) will be emailed to you.

Those are the basics! Don't forget to create your signature & initial stamps to make your own signing sessions quick and seamless!

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