How Do I Manage My Carts in Remine Mobile?


Once you have created a Cart in Remine Mobile, you can easily make changes like renaming the Cart or sharing it with clients. Just tap the Cart menu item at the bottom of the app, when signed in as an Agent, to get started!

Action Icons and Instructions
Duplicate a Cart


  1. Click the mceclip0.png icon next to the Cart name
  2. A duplicate Cart, with the same name, will appear in your Carts list
  3. Swipe down to refresh the page or click the Cart to open it and view properties
Rename a Cart


  1. Click the mceclip1.png icon in the Carts tab
  2. In the Cart Name field type a new Cart Name
  3. Click Done



Delete a Cart




  1. Click the mceclip2.png icon next to the Cart name
  2. In the pop-up window, click Delete 

    Note: Once a Cart is deleted, it cannot be undone. You do have the option to recreate the Cart.

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