Why Can't I Login Into Remine Mobile?


Troubleshooting Logging into Remine Mobile for Agents

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I see an Incorrect Email and/or Agent ID error.

We verify that you are an active agent using the email associated with your MLS account, so it's the only email we have on file. If you'd like to change the email associated with your MLS account, contact your MLS. Otherwise, after you log in to Remine Mobile, you can change your preferred email for Remine communications on the Profile tab.

Double-check your MLS agent ID. It may be a series of letters instead of numbers. For example, someone named Leo Pareja could have an agent ID of PAREJAL.

If you're still experiencing login issues, submit a ticket so our team can help you.

I never received an email with a link.  

Sometimes it takes a minute or two for the email to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived after that time, check your spam or junk folder.

You can also go to your Settings page in Remine Desktop to have a link sent as a text message. 

I clicked the link in the email, but I'm still not logged in.

Make sure you're opening the email on the mobile device where you've downloaded Remine Mobile.

The link in the email is a magic link, meaning it should navigate you directly to Remine Mobile and log you in immediately. We've configured it this way so you won't have to create a unique password for Remine Mobile.


Troubleshooting for Clients

  Issue    Solution
I see You have entered an invalid email or password

If you have entered an incorrect password, you can either click the Try Again button to attempt another login, or click the Forgot Password? link to have a reset link sent to you. 

I don't have an account  

If you do not have a Remine.com account, you can create one by signing up or continuing with your Facebook or Google accounts. 


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