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Search is more than just a map. It's a place for you to visualize opportunities using targeted filters that pull from several data sources at once. 

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Layers display a colorful overlay on the map (also known as choropleth) for quick reference. Once you apply your specified criteria, the choropleth disappears and the map will only contain properties that meet your specifications.

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Available Top-Bar Filters 

Filter Description


Filters by the number of bedrooms in the property.




Filters by the number of bathrooms in the property.


Square Feet


Filters by the size of the home in square feet.


Lot Size


Filters by the size of the lot in square feet.


Has Garage


Filters by whether the property has a garage.


Has Basement


Filters by whether the property has a basement.


Parking Spaces 


Filters by the number of parking spaces, regardless of the parking type.




Filters by the number of floors in the home.



Tax Amount


Filters by minimum to maximum tax amount.

Year Built


Filters by the year the property was built.



Available Side-Bar Layer Filters 

Additional filters are located on the left-hand side of the map. Many of these layers display results in the form of a colorful overlay on the map. When you click a layer, select criteria, and click Apply. Once you apply the criteria, the blue dots that do not meet your requirements will be removed and the choropleth will no longer be visible.

Layer Description


Filters the properties so only the properties in your Cart(s) are displayed. When you apply this filter, all other blue dots on the map disappear and only the stars are visible. 


Filters by the estimated property value based on an average of all available estimates.

For more information on how property value is calculated, visit the Remine Calculations article.

Home Equity

Filters by the estimated equity that an owner has in their property.

For more information on how home equity is calculated, visit the Remine Calculations article.

Ownership Time

Filters by the length of time the current owner has owned the property.

For more information on how ownership time is calculated, visit the Remine Calculations article.

Sell Score


The Sell Score filter uses a machine-learning model to identify which off-market residential properties are likely to transact sooner than others in their area in the next six months.

For more information on Sell Score, visit the Remine Filters and Layers FAQ.


The Absentee filter indicates if the owner doesn't occupy the property. A property is tagged as absentee-owned when the property address doesn't match the mailing address for the owner.

The categories are:

  • Corporate (includes properties owned by a Trust)
  • Owner Occupant
  • Absentee, In-State
  • Absentee, Out of State


Flood Zone Risk

The Flood Zone filter displays whether homes are in a high-risk flood zone, based on the latest digital FEMA flood maps.

For more information on how the Flood Zone filter works, visit the Remine Filters and Layers FAQ.

Building Type

The Building Type filter displays the following building types for properties on the map:

  • Single-Family
  • Condo
  • Townhome
  • Multi-Family
  • Other

Land Use

The Land Use filter displays the following zoning categories for individual parcels of land:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Land
  • Farm
  • Public
  • Entertainment
  • Utility
  • Unknown

Mortgage Rate

Filters by the current interest rate of the active mortgage associated with the property.

We have mortgage information on only 10-15% of the country. If we do not have any data for the mortgage on a property, the property parcel will appear blank when you apply this layer.

Mortgage Age

The Mortgage Age filter displays the age of the active mortgage associated with the property.

Number of Loans
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Filters by number of loans on a property.

Loan Types

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Filters by Loan Types, including 'Other'.

Original Loan Amount

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Filters by original loan amount.


Last Sale Price

Filters by the last known sale price of all homes sold since 1990.

Distressed Deals

The Distressed Deals filter displays the following states of foreclosure:

Tip: Not all states require lenders to report all of these document types. Check your state's foreclosure laws for more information.

    • Lis Pendens
    • Notice of Default (this filter is state-specific)
    • Notice of Foreclosure
    • Notice of Trustee (this filter is state-specific)

The information available to us is only what the lender has officially recorded with the courthouse. We do not have real-time data on missed payments.

For more information, see the Distressed Properties article.

Cash Buyers

The Cash Buyers overlay displays properties that were paid for in cash.

When you click Cash Buyers, flags appear for any properties in the area that we've determined were cash sales. This is an overlay rather than a filter because applying the Cash Buyers overlay does not remove any blue dots.

For more information on how we identify cash buyers, visit the Remine Filters and Layers FAQ.



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