What Are the Blue Dots on the Map in Remine Mobile?


On the Search map, blue dots represent property parcels. Upon logging into the app, you'll see the larger, cluster level dots. These represent groups, or clusters, of properties in a given area. 


Zoom in to the individual blue dot level in order to utilize Layers like Ownership Time, Sell Score or Flood Zone. 


Why can't I see any blue dots?

If you're zoomed out too far on the map, you won't be able to see any blue dots. Try zooming in!

Because the Remine mobile app is designed as an on-the-go tool, we strive to keep the speed and performance quality as high as possible. To do so, we have to restrict the number of properties that can appear on the screen.

If you're looking to farm large areas, we recommend using the desktop version of Remine. 

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