What is Engage?


In Engage, you can quickly and easily invite your clients and view their activity from Remine.com

You can invite up to 250 clients at one time. You can send one invitation in a 12 hour period, but you cannot send a client more than 5 total invites.  In other words, when you have sent one client 5 invitations, you cannot send them any more regardless of the timeframe. Note, there is no limit to the total number of invitations you can send.

What's on the Engage page?

There are two main sections on the Engage page. From left to right, these sections are the Leads column and the details section. When your invited client accepts your invitation and registers their Remine account, that client is sorted into the Leads column. When you click on a client in the list, the client profile appears in the details section on the right side of the screen. 

 Tab  Insights



View where a client is in their digital journey.



View the client's buying preferences.

View the client's Remine activities, like the number of properties shared and viewed.

Add, edit, and delete private notes associated with the client.



View the properties the client has favorited.

Shared Properties


View the properties the client has shared.

Saved Searches


View the saved searches the client has created.


Plan limitations

All Remine users have the ability to invite clients from the Engage page. Your plan determines what client details you can view.

  • On the Starter plan, you won't be able to view buyers or sellers.
  • The StepOne tab is only available for Pro Users
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