How Do I Access the Remine Mobile App as an Agent?


Accessing Remine on the go is easy! Even if you're already an activated Remine user, we need to verify your identity as an active agent. Follow the steps below to sign in to the Remine Mobile App as an Agent: 

  1. Download the app. Depending on your operating system, access the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. Search for Remine and install the app.

    When you open the app for the first time, you'll see the following page:


  1. Click I'm an Agent
  2. Enter your MLS email and agent number (your MLS agent ID), then tap the Find Me button.


3. The Verify Your Account page appears, where we confirm your MLS, first and last name, and email. If this information is correct, tap the Send Link button. You'll receive an email from Remine with a prompt to log in.

4. Open the email on your mobile device and tap the Log in button.


Remine Mobile opens, and you're automatically logged in! You can start farming right away. If you're running into trouble, see the Mobile App Login Troubleshooting article for tips and tricks. 

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