How Do I Share a Cart?


How to share a Cart with a client


After you've invited your clients to Remine, you may choose to share specific properties that you have in mind for them. Once you've created a Cart and added properties to a Cart, sharing with your clients is quick and easy!

Note: To share a Cart with an individual, they must be in your Contacts list in Remine. To learn more about adding Contacts in Remine, see the Adding Contacts article. 

  1. In the Carts page, open the Cart you would like to share
  2. Click the Share button in the top, right-hand corner
  3. Type a name from the Contacts list or add a new contact, and press enter 
  4. Click the Share Cart button

Your client will receive an email letting them know that they can sign into Remine to view your handpicked properties

As your clients like and dislike shared properties on, their feedback will display in the Carts page as well. 


How to unshare a Cart with a client


  1. Within the Cart, click the Edit Share button
  2. Click the "X" next to the contact that you would like to unshare with
  3. Click the Unshare All button

Once a Cart has been unshared, it will be removed from your client's Favorite Groups.


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