Print Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge


Note: This article describes how to print custom mailing labels using mail merge with Microsoft Office. If you want to learn how to print mailing labels directly from Remine, see our article Print Mailing Labels in Remine

Once you've carted your opportunities, identified promising leads, and exported a CSV of your future clients, it's time to make contact. If you plan to send your communication via the postal system, you can use your Remine-generated CSV to produce mailing labels with Microsoft Excel and Word.

To see some letter templates you can use to reach out to prospective clients view the Sample Scripts article. 

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to use mail merge to create address labels:


For more granular instructions, including how you can use mail merge to create letters, see the Microsoft support article about using mail merge.

  1. Prepare your worksheet in Excel. Open your CSV file in Excel. Organize the worksheet with clear column names and your preferred capitalization and formatting. 

  2. Connect the Excel worksheet to your Word document. Open a blank Word document. On the Mailings tab, click Start Mail Merge. This is where you can select your document type, whether it be a full envelope, a sheet of labels, or something else.
  3. Refine the list of recipients. On the Mailings tab, click Select Recipients, then click Use an Existing List. Select your Excel worksheet that you prepared in step 1.

    On the Mailings tab, click Edit Recipient List. Select or clear the checkboxes to customize the list of people to whom you want to reach out.
  4. Insert placeholders. These placeholders are called Mail Merge Fields, and they're populated by the data from your Excel worksheet when you finish the merge. If you're just creating mailing labels, on the Mailings tab, click Address Block.
  5. Preview and complete the merge. When you're done formatting your labels, on the Mailings tab, click Preview Results. Once you're happy with your labels, click Finish & Merge. From here, you can view individual labels and print.
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