What Are Remine's Listing Statuses?


Remine has fully adopted the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) standard statuses. The MLS Status filter displays the following RESO standard statuses. However, you will see your native MLS status on the Property Details page for a listing. 

Note: If these statuses don't directly align with the statuses used by your MLS, see the MLS status mappings article. Select your MLS's status mapping article to see how we map RESO statuses to your MLS statuses.
Status Description
Coming Soon The property is going to be listed soon. The listing agent is marketing the property, but not setting any showing appointments.
Active The property is listed and actively accepting offers.

Active Under 

The seller has accepted an offer with contingencies but may accept backup offers.
Pending The seller has accepted an offer, all contingencies have been met, and a closing date has been set.
Canceled The seller and listing agent have mutually voided the listing agreement.
Closed The seller and buyer have settled the real estate transaction per the terms of the agreed-upon contract.
Expired The seller and listing agent have ended the contract on the agreed-upon ending date (usually 6 months to a year).
Hold The seller is not currently accepting offers or showing appointments, but the listing agreement between the seller and the listing agent is still valid.
Withdrawn The seller and listing agent have ended the contract before the agreed-upon ending date.

See Remine Filters and Layers
 article to read about all the available layers and filters.

See RESO's website to learn more about the RESO Data Dictionary.

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